What is the UnitedWeREACH Way?

Curriculum Development

UWR uses experienced teachers in California and other locations to develop its own curricula. Although lesson plans are primarily based on the standards set by the Punjab Education Board, UWR’s staff of teachers work tirelessly to enrich lessons with additional content. UWR’s curricula uses a holistic approach in ways that engage the students and thereby encourage the use, application, and retention of content.

Teacher Training

Teachers are an indispensable part of our overall efforts to improve the educational system. Accordingly, we invest heavily in training our teachers and facilitators to ensure the highest quality of content delivery to our students.

Tech-based delivery

Improving the educational system is a noble cause but unless it is scalable, only a few would reap the benefits. We believe that harvesting the awesome power of technology to shape, construct, and deliver a first-rate education is the only way to scale this endeavor to as many students as possible.

Adaptive Assessment

Setting goals is only the beginning. The only way that we can truly measure success is by improving the way students are assessed. With the use of in-classroom technology, we assess students only based on the materials and lessons that they have been exposed to.